Filling And Seaming Groups

  • Filling And Seaming Groups For Aluminium And Tin Plate Cans

    Zilli & Bellini filling and seaming groups are suitable to fill and seam food products or flat soft drinks in tin plate and aluminium cans.

    The advantage of the filler – seamer group is the mechanical synchronization, with only one drive, which can smoothly drive the filled containers to the seamer without spillage.

    The fillers seamers groups can handle round tin plate or aluminium cans

    The seamers can handle open top, easy open and easy peel lids

    From 10 to 1200 c. p. m. according to the product and container size.

    Zilli & Bellini can provide, as an option, a system for the automatic cleaning of the groups

    It is possible to fill from liquid to very dense products with or without pieces.

    Several models are available based on the speed, size and product.


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