Steriflow Saturated Steam

Saturated Steam Autoclave
It is particularly well-adapted for all the decontamination processes in the pharmaceutical industry (opened bottles, instruments, Petri dishes, textiles…). All products are sterilized with the use of pure steam. At the beginning of the cycle the air from the tank is removed by the vacuum pump (2 to 3 vacuum cycles). Then the steam is introduced at the appropriate pressure (or temperature) to sterilize the product. The heating level is met. Various phases are usually repeated 2 to 3 times. Refrigeration is realized through internal exchangers and by vacuum drying (evaporation).

Technical characteristics:

• Material: stainless steel 304L or 316L.
• Diameter: 900 mm. (capacity from 200 L.) and 1300 mm. up to 2000 mm.
• Capacity: from 2oo L.


• Pure steam sterilization with vacuum system.
• Quick refrigeration through drying, internal exchangers and final vacuuming.

Product and packaging types
• Opened bottles.
• Instruments.
• Petri dishes
• Textiles

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